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Nuheart Heartworm tablets for dogs
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Nuheart is the only soluble Heartworm Medicine, making it perfect for those who have difficulty giving Dogs a pill to swallow.

Many owners buy Heartgard as it is certainly the most popular brand on the market. But for many the price is a little on the high side, especially if they have multiple Dogs to treat. What you will find is that Nuheart is a generic Heartgard alternative that is just as effective.

Nuheart contains Ivermectin as the active ingredient, just as Heartgard does, so it works in the same way.

The only difference is that Nuheart is also a soluble heartworm medication so it is very easy to give to the Dogs. You simply dissolve in your liquid of choice and either pour on to their food at meal times or give to them directly. And if you want the intestinal worm treatment that Heartgard Plus chewables offer then Heartgard Plus chewables from Merial may have to be purchased, but for many the heartworm treatment is the most important thing.

Buy Generic Heartgard

If you want to buy generic Heartgard then Nuheart is the choice  for you. Very low in cost, it works just as effectively and is produced under the same strict controls and to the same high standard.

Nuheart is not about fancy packaging and advertising, it is about keeping your pets heartworm free for the lowest possible cost. Prices are in the $20 range for all sizes of Dogs for a six month supply it is one of the absolute cheapest options currently on the market.

No frills but entirely effecitve, buy Nuheart and keep your pet protected.

You will find that a monthly dose all through the year allows you to keep your pet totally safe and protected. This minimizes the risk of heartworm infections that are a danger to zero so give each month for total peace of mind.